Company Disclaimer(s)

Faith and Love Thrift Company is in no way affiliated, or employed by the Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta, or the Heart Beats Children's Society of Calgary Charity. We are strong supporters and donors of these organizations, as they have helped our family tremendously. All content referencing these organizations is for information purposes only, and would be subject to their copyright laws.  Faith and Love Thrift does not own, or distribute any confidential information.  

Faith and Love Thrift strongly recommends washing all items before wearing. We have no previous knowledge as to what types of laundry detergents, or fabric softeners may have been previously used, and or animal(s) exposure;  Faith and Love Thrift will not be held responsible in the event of any skin reactionWe appreciate your understanding and we assume that you (the buyer) are fully responsible for purchasing previously worn and, or donated goods.