About Us

Faith and Love Online Thrift Shop was founded after the birth of our second child. Faith was born with several congenital defects, and my going back to my traditional office job was not going to work for our future. Even after downsizing our home, my husband Joel and I still needed to find a way to bring in some extra income; and since we have been secondhand shoppers for over 15 years, we have become exceptional at finding great products that are affordable. We are always proud to share our love for secondhand shopping; and it feels great to save money, re-use, and help the environmental impact.  

Our daughter has inspired us to help support and educate other families who have medically complex children. After we lived at the Ronald McDonald House for 201 days, we gained vast perspective and awareness on the financial burden, and emotional needs that families require to make it through this very difficult journey ahead. We spent many months discussing how we could possibly give back to the amazing charities that lovingly cared for us through the most difficult time in our lives; after careful consideration and planning, Faith and Love Thrift was created and named after Faith in her honour. This is why we decided to donate a portion of each item sold to the Alberta Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.   

If you would like to donate to us, please contact us and we will arrange pick up, or drop off.  

If you would like to donate directly to the Ronald McDonald House, or the Heart Beats Charity Foundations, please donate on behalf of Faith Wright. Thank you kindly.

We sincerely appreciate you choosing to shop with us!  

Dawn, Joel, Ryker and little Faith